Digital pens

ever since I first came across a Digital Pen, I immediately liked the idea.
updated list here

You know, one of those digital devices that record what you’re writing / drawing / scribbling … guess you could do the same thing on a suitable tablet with an adequate writing device, but there is something extremely cognitively familiar when writing on paper, rather than on a screen. I’m saying this in the light of me moving from a standard paper agenda, to personalized printouts and now entirely digital in the cloud… anyone of my different agendas.

Have you tried to sign on a digital screen ? and kept changing your signature ?
or simply accepted whatever the outcome was…
– Then you know what I’m referring to.

Over the past few years, I’ve been keeping an eye on digital pens and they’ve move from simple recording devices to multimedia app engaged enablers. Myself a great fan of Evernote.

So now, I’ve crossed the live and purchased a Liverscribe Sky WiFi pen….



Livescribe Sky WiFi

to be continued…

Livescribe Sky WiFi

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