Group email LInkedIn

With the update to the new Contact Connections on LinkedIN, you initially lost a key feature : grouped communication to your list of tagged contacts.

The feature is back after multiple requests from a large number of user – me included – but the set up is differently now. The way to send messages has somewhat changed a bit with the new user interface.

1. Open the group you have tagged
2. either select all or the members you want to email
3. or click on filter and select “tag”
4. select the members of your choice or all
5. At top of screen you have “tag, message, merge, more”
6. Select message and it will take you to our message page
7. If you don’t want recipients to see it is not an individual email then scroll down and uncheck ” Allow recipients to see each other’s names and email addresses”

Now you can send your messages to selected groups, as you used to


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